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No le yi hotel shenzhen soft opening, intelligent service comprehensive upgrade

Date: 2018-03-09

Shenzhen's first unmanned hotel is getting ready for the soft opening, easy living roots

Mobile check in, brush a face, from booking to check-out operation wisdom, there is no service, also need not wait.Since last year, there is no this kind of sense of "science" of the new hotel in Beijing, chengdu and other places has emerged, and quickly become a new fashion of youth travel accommodation.As one of the leading enterprises in the technology and fashion of the first-tier cities, shenzhen is certainly no one hotel empire.It's not, no wisdom shortly before le yi hotel is located in shenzhen, and will be mid to late march into the soft opening.

Was first established the country's first unmanned le yi hotel chain brand, its first store located in chengdu, because of "wisdom, comfortable, safe, private" service characteristics, and the geographical position is superior, near the temple of marquis/kam/yulin bistro), attracting many tourists and travelers gravitate to experience, since the New Year's day since it opened, the occupancy rate has been high, especially during the Spring Festival small long vacation full every day.Is about to open in shenzhen is easy to live the second stores, located in the futian district bagua, peng yi garden, 115 5 (bagua ling A export), & shop based on A comprehensive upgrade in chengdu, the new intelligent devices such as intelligent robot, intelligent curtain, bring more perfect wisdom accommodation experience.

Le easy living is the first domestic real service to the environment, for all intelligent wisdom hotel.It advocates "with science and technology service life, make life full of freedom" concept, compared with the traditional hotel, greatly simplifies the accommodation process.Residents from reservation, check-in and check-out, full through the phone APP, intelligent devices can be completed, do not need to contact any staff member, save a lot of red tape, the whole process just like to return to their home free.

Meanwhile, le yi lived through advanced room intelligent control system, realized the full intellisense and operating indoor household facilities.Through ctrip, flying pigs or cell phone APP and micro letter after the reservation, face recognition self-service check-in, mobile phone is a key to open the door, into the house lights, TV, air conditioning automatically open;When the system induction to residents have entered into a state of rest or sleep, will automatically shut down lighting lighting, TV, air conditioning is adjusted for the optimum temperature.These intelligent scene once in science fiction, lived in le yi has to experience.

Easy to live as high technology content, the price will be not very expensive?Don't really expensive.Le yi live chengdu & store, for example, house prices only hundred yuan, are cheaper than some convenient hotel, but it is not a convenient hotel overall quality can match.Le easy living is not only no one type, smart accommodation, and the star standard, the quality of the light type of luxury.Decorate a fashionable and delicate, perfect supporting high specifications, true artificial intelligence and comfortable space perfect fusion.

Sense of science and technology and fashion sense, there are both high quality and high cost performance, perfect for young white-collar workers.Especially miss shenzhen little brother, sisters, immediately can no one at home to enjoy this kind of intelligence, the perfection of the hotel service is very heart, look forward to?Le yi live yasuo bagua ling store during the period of trial operation, there will be free to try to sleep yo activity, are interested to go to sign up!